Bulman Business & Technology Law helps individuals and companies to profit from the discovery, development and commercialization of breakthrough technologies.

Whether by protecting new ideas, creating new brands, forming new ventures, building strategic relationships or realizing value through the licensing, marketing, management and sale of groundbreaking products and services, our firm has helped emerging, growth and Fortune 500 companies realize the potential of their innovation in more than 50 countries.

The firm’s practice concentrations include: business architecture, modeling, formation and strategy; intellectual property development, protection and licensing; debt and equity financing; branding, distribution and sales channel management; global business relationships, combinations and market development; and new idea generation and knowledge management.

Representative Client Industries

    • Life Sciences – Biotechnology, Drug Discovery & Development And Medical Devices
    • Healthcare – Medical Practices & Groups, And Diagnostic, Information & Imaging Services 

    • Computer – Hardware, Software, Security, Services And Systems 

    • E-Commerce & Internet – ASP & ISP Services And Website Content & Development
    • Communications – Digital, Cable, Telecom And Wireless; Publishing & Interactive Media

    • Services – Banking, Brokerage, Insurance & Real Estate

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